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CPMR action

Suitable EU programmes

The CPMR is arguing that interregional cooperation provides added value to the Union's neighbourhood policy. Decentralised cooperation is an innovative and useful means of strengthening both the economic and democratic dimension of partnerships.

  • With Catalunya and its Intermediterranean Geographical Commission, the CPMR is working on the Euro-Mediterranean partnership in the framework of the so-called Barcelona process.
  • With its North Sea and Baltic Sea Commissions, it is examining the Union's northern dimension.
  • With its Balkans/Black Sea Commission, it is working to strengthen links in this strategic area.
  • With the seven European outermost regions, the CPMR is working hard to promote better integration of outermost regions into their regional environments (along African coasts, in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean).

Furthermore, the European Union has specific programmes for cooperating with Latin America, for whom it is the second largest trading partner and the largest provider of direct foreign investment. The CPMR is arguing that a specific measure should be introduced to support cooperation between regions, as exists for cities.


Expressing the opinion of peripheral maritime regions on the international stage

This is vital for dealing with certain global issues :

- Maritime safety

The CPMR has secured observer status on :

  • the OSPAR Commission (Oslo/Paris conventions for the protection of the marine environment in the North-East Atlantic); its North Sea Geographical Commission acts as the representative;
  • The Helsinki Commission on the protection of the marine environment of the Baltic Sea area (HELCOM), via the Baltic Sea Commission,
  • The International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC). Poitou-Charentes Region acts as the representative.

The regions are thus kept informed about the work of these organisations, which are themselves sensitive to regional issues.

- Sustainable development

International action is necessary, because pollution has no respect for national borders. The CPMR has therefore decided to become a member of the Network of Regional Government for Sustainable Development. It was set up at the Johannesburg Summit in 2002 in order to respond to the need to "think globally, act locally".

NRG4SD has member regions from five continents, and aims :

  • to represent regions at international level,
  • to promote sustainable development at regional level
  • to facilitate cooperation and the exchange of good practice between its members.

It is via this organisation that the CPMR is presenting its application to join the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

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